Self care kit - rose 1 (wood box- mesh top)

Self care kit - rose 1 (wood box- mesh top)

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Self Care Kit Includes:

Wood Box with mesh top

Selenite Stick with Love charm: Purification, Peace, Enlightenment, Enhance love, manifest

Happy Blessing Jar - Rose Collection: 

Aromatic Botanical Mood Boosting ROSE

Positive Crystals:

Rose Quartz ; Love, Harmony, Compassion, Mood Lift

Red Jasper: Vitality, Strength, Passion, Balance

Clear Quartz: Clarity, Amplify Positive Energy

Essential oil of Rose Oil and Bergamot; Uplifting, Balancing, Soothing, Happiness

Inspirational Talisman Charm: Good Luck, Happiness

Rose Sachet- Filed with aromatic botanicals of Rose

Bergamont essential oil: Mood Boosting

Adorned with Inspirational Good Luck Talisman Love charm