Self care kit - Lavender - Freinds Charm - (Wood box Mesh top)

Self care kit - Lavender - Freinds Charm - (Wood box Mesh top)

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Self Care Kit Includes:

Wood Box with mesh top

Selenite Stick with Friends charm: Purification, Peace, Enlightenment, Enhance love, manifest

Happy Blessing Jar - Lavender Collection: 

Aromatic Botanical Soothing LAVENDER

Positive Crystals:

Amethyst; Aliviates stress, Promotes Serenity, Intuition, balance, clarity, calming, Protection

Blue Lapis: self expression, Stability, Positivity, wisdom

Blue Lace Agate: Courage, health, balance, empathy, clear speech

Essential oils: Lavender & Himalayan cedarwood: calming, stress reducing, balancing, centering

Inspirational Talisman Charm: Good Luck, Happiness

Lavender sachet- Filed with aromatic botanicals of Lavender; enjoy in your Linen drawer, Bedside, pillow, car, bag, smell as needed to sooth and calm 

Sprinkled with Soothing Lavender essential oil Adorned with a believe charm