Forest Bathing- Mindful Wellness Walk



An Immersive, Experiential Walking Workshop Enjoying the Magic Wonders of Nature and its Elements while Gaining Knowledge, Getting in some Exercise, Networking and Meeting New People.

During the Walks, you will experience Nature like its your first time, observing, touching, listening, tasting and seeing Nature in its True Form.

FOREST BATHING; Japanese Term for "A WALK IN THE WOODS"; Lifts your Mood, Improves your Immune System, Reduces your stress, while helping your heart health

Walking is a very healthy form of exercise- movement of the body and mind, decreases inflammation of the body, gets the blood flowing, provides a lifted mood and allows you to get the much needed mental break.

In Nature Everything Grows, Even When It Gets Burnt Down, Cut Or Destroyed-- It Recovers, Things Keep Moving - A Tree Knows When When Its Leaves Will Fall, Things Happen At A Certain Time, Without Effort A Tree Cannot Grow Faster- It Simply Grows.

Lets Learn From Nature, Its Wisdom, Its Gifts And Benefits And Bring That Into Our Lives- To Shift And Keep The Energy Positive, Healthy And Happy- Which Is GreenHourNYC Goal For The World.

We will sample some of Nature’s treasures that will be provided during the walk such as Botanicals to Sip or Smell while enjoying the Walk, creating a “Walkable Workshop of Nature”

What you Learn from being around Nature believe it or not- can be easily applied to your everyday life - once you learn to Connect, Embrace, Respect and Protect Nature-  you will notice that your daily routine and the way you handle Situations, Conversations, Relationships, Logistics, Business Projects, etc.. will all be transformed into an enjoyable, harmonious and happy experience, Just like Nature has its way of Healing and Transforming itself no matter the situation at hand.

You will finish the Walk, not only feeling your best, but guarantee you will come back for more Nature and you will seek it in your daily life. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures or positive visual, mental and emotional memories and kill nothing but time while enjoying Nature at its best.

Nature Is Here Waiting For You; Let's All meet in the Wilderness.  

All Walks Are Guided And Led By Iris Rosin- Founder Of NATURE TIME