A daily dose of Nature is like taking a Natural Feel Good Vitamin.

If NATURE was a pill, would you rush to take it?

Imagine there was a pill,with zero side effects, Lift your Mood, Improve your Immune System, reduce your stress, while helping your heart health? What would you pay for this miracle drug? 

These days, screen-addicted Americans are more stressed out and distracted than ever. And there’s no app for that. But there is a simple remedy: GET OUTSIDE AND GET CONNECTED TO NATURE- Indoors or Outdoors


To enable Insurance Companies to Realize the Benefits of Adding “Nature as Medicine/ Eco-Therapy as an Insured Service to Prescribe and be Covered under various Insurance policies. 

This will enable both Companies and Schools to be able to Offer Nature Programs, Nature Day Off or Nature as Medicine as an Insured Benefit to their Employees, Clients, After School Programs, etc..

We are Interested in working with Doctors and the Medical Community That would like to Join/ Partner with Our Nature Inspired Experiences to Prescribe NATURE as Medicine - Known as Eco/ Nature- Therapy to Patients

We would like to see “NATURE” being implemented as an Option or Mandatory in Schools and Corporations for everyone to Enjoy the Benefits of being around Nature being it Outdoor or Indoor.

Partner with us to Research and Measure the Benefits of Nature and Overall Positive Impact using our Nature Inspired Experiences & Activations Such as our Wellness Walks.

Enormous amount of research has been done and recently became accepted amongst various parts of the world- such as Japan, UK and Scotland to Allow doctors to Prescribe: Nature as Medicine.

"ASK YOUR DOCTOR IF NATURE IS RIGHT FOR YOU"; Take Two Hours of Pine Forest and Call Me in the Morning"

An Exact Prescription For Nature's "Free Medicine"; How Research supports the Therapeutic Benefits of Nature;

What should you do in Nature? Use your 5 senses to Explore, Learn and Enjoy: Wander around and open all your senses to the beauty around you, listen to the sounds of nature, sniff the scents of the forest, even reach out and touch the trees around you, all this has been shown to have incredible positive effects.

And how about dosage? How long do you need to spend among Nature? We can benefit from spending just a few minutes watching a single tree.” And if you can’t get out of the office for your regular dose of green, even just listening to nature sounds or Working with Nature Elements can soothe the body and mind.

Nature increases brain function.

Taking in a bit of nature can help your brain in more than one way. For starters, logging outdoor hours may increase concentration skills. One study compared concentration between children with ADHD who played outside, versus those who played inside, after school and on weekends. Kids who spent time in green, outdoor spaces reported fewer symptoms of ADHD, even when the exact same activities were compared.

Taking a stroll can also increase creativity. Research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that walking increases creative production. And while walking anywhere -- whether through the woods or in a mall -- is beneficial in that it prompts creativity, researchers found that the actual act of spending time outside also influences novelty.

Plus, all of that fresh air is a quick way to kick your brain into high gear. Ditch the caffeine and stick to a walk in the park. Even 20 minutes outside can wake you up just as much as one cup of coffee can.